Mortgage Consultant

Gregory C. Stewart, Mortgage Consultant

Professional Mortgage Advice. Here to help you! Getting a mortgage can be time consuming and stressful. Many don’t realize that mortgage products can be quite complex and that there are many different types of decisions to make. As a mortgage professional, it’s my job to research the market for you and arrange the mortgage financing that meets your needs so you save time, energy and money. I have a disciplined mortgage process where I first get to know you and understand your goals and objectives. Only after a needs assessment can I clearly outline your mortgage options so you can make an informed decision. Once we’ve decided on a mortgage plan, I will efficiently manage the transaction, keeping you up-to-date throughout the process. My client for life approach means that I will stay in touch with you after your mortgage closes, providing information and updates that are relevant to your situation. With access to over 50 lenders that compete for your business – including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders, your mortgage will have the features and rate that meet your needs, whether you are:
  • purchasing your first or next home, or considering a vacation property;
  • new to Canada;
  • investing in property;
  • interested in your renovation financing options;
  • looking to consolidate your high interest debt to boost monthly cash flow and save on interest costs;
  • going through a separation or divorce;
  • considering options for your mortgage renewal; or,
  • interested in improving your credit so you can qualify for mortgage financing.
Access to this vast lender network and my professional services are available to you at no cost (oac). The lender selected pays for the mortgage advice, placement, and ongoing service. My ultimate goal is to provide you with such an positive mortgage experience that you are willing to refer me to your family, friends and colleagues. It’s worth a call to schedule a no obligation review of your situation. Because the right mortgage can build your wealth and save you thousands of dollars. I look forward to providing a frank assessment of your situation, and the advice you need to achieve your goals for homeownership and financial security.

Interest Advantage Mortgage ltd

We believe that every customer deserves the best care and service when purchasing or refinancing the home of their dreams.  We’re here to serve your mortgage needs and have what it takes to make a difference in your next mortgage transaction.

With access to over 50 of Canada’s Top Lending institutions, we can place all types of mortgages including purchases, refinances, equity takeouts, debt consolidations, renewals and mortgages for self employed.

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