If it’s Important to You it’s Important to Me!!
Selling your property is possibly one the biggest decisions you will ever need to make. It is usually is your most valuable asset, not to mention the emotional connection you may have with it. Whether the choice is based on emotions, finances, convenience or other considerations, as REALTORS® I understand how tough these decisions can be. I will help you to make the best decision. At TRG The Residential Group Realty, I work with a set of colleagues who are closely tied to many local and foreign investors. My 28 years in the industry have given me the necessary experience needed to sell your home…remember, You have one chance to list your prized possession for the first time, so do it correctly. Make the right call and get it sold.

Strategic Pricing!!

Pricing Your home? is the most important consideration when you decide to put your home on the market for sale. My years of experience have taught me to ensure, as the seller, you are provided with the most current, up to date, market information which accurately represents home sales that that can be compared to your perfect luxury home. In The Westside and Point Grey markets, it’s of the highest of importance to ensure you are provided with precision pricing. Deciding on the price to list your home at can seem like an impossible task. There are many factors to consider, and it is crucial to know the intricacies of the Point Grey / West Side housing markets in order to price your property so that you ensure maximum return on your investment. I will sit down with you to discuss your views and goals and I will advise you on the best way to achieve them. You will get a chance to view a comparative market analysis to see who your competitors are. A lot of people are investing on the Vancouver West Side/Point Grey markets these days, and it is important to know your buyers and how to attract them to your property. Pricing is the KEY!! The MLS® is also a great tool to view competitors, however not knowing what to look for may impede your ability to set a price if you are not properly advised by a REALTOR®. Let me help you make that all important sale. As a REALTOR®, by understanding and evaluating the local West Side and Point Grey housing markets, I am able to adjust my sales strategy accordingly which will generate the highest monetary return for the sale of your home.

24 Hours a day

My online marketing system allows me to make your property information accessible 24-hours a day, and to respond immediately and directly to each and every prospective buyer. From my website, prospective buyers can get information immediately about your home. They can access my site 24 hours a day and view your property listing! Through my Personal Home Search, your listing will be sent by e-mail to every prospective buyer in my database, where your home meets their criteria. Plus it will be e-mailed automatically to future prospective buyers as well.